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U2-II 30”Fuzzy Logic Control Sensor 



Maximum Power with Intelligence Sensor:

The intelligent sensor changes the motor speed automatically on the volume and heat of cooking fume; the motor has also a stand –by mode feature to minimize the use of energy.


Extra Ventilating Design:

Quickly exhaust steam, smoke & odor all around.
Four vent openings in rear of hood.
Dual grease trapping sets in front.


Front Ventilating Design:

Two motors are moved to the front of hood, 14 inches away from the wall.
Unique design to accommodate heavy front range use, popular cooking style in Northern America.


Extra Quiet Exhaust Chamber:

Specially engineered exhaust chamber minimizes air turbulence and substantially reduces sound level to a minimum of 2.5 sones.


Super Quiet Motor:

SQM operate automatically at the lowest revolution speed, as low as 0.5 sones


Patented Grease Trapping & Filter Design:

Extracts 60% or more of the grease in the air, before the fumes enter the interior of the range hood.
A layer of thin aluminum filter to prevent grease and oil from dripping.
Easy to wash and inexpensive to replace.


耗電更低,功能更強,油煙大時,馬達自動加快,當油煙小時,馬達自動放慢,同時本機更俱有 "Stand By" (待命)功能的獨家設計,將電力的消耗降至最低.











超靜音可低至58dBA (4.5sones)



超靜音可低至0.5 sones, 仍俱有強力抽油煙功能.







How to use your fuzzy logic sensor:

A. On/Off Switch: control on and off of the motor

Press the switch to turn on the hood, and operation mode will be at auto-mode. Motor speed changes depend on the volume and heat of cooking fume and it will perform from low speed. If there's no fume been sensed, motor will drop to lowest speed in 30 seconds and operate 3 hours air ventilation with the lowest speed then stop. But it will keep 30 minutes stand by mode, if sensor detects any cooking fume and heat, motor will operate again automatically during stand by mode. Otherwise, the hood will turn off, (Remark: when the appliance is speed "L" indicator presents two levels of speed: low and lowest)

B. "Light" Switch: Control on and off of the light.

Press the switch to turn on and off the light with the LED indicator. The built - in alarm will  beep whenever the operation the operation status changes, The operation of this switch is independent and will not affect the motor.

C. "Auto" Switch: Automatic control switch:

The operation mode will automatically set at "Fuzzy" mode when switch on the range hood. In manual operation, press "Auto" switch to change the mode to "Fuzzy". Press "Speed' switch to return to manual operation.

D. "Speed" Switch: Speed control switch. (Remark: low speed "L", medium speed "M", high speed "H")

In "Fuzzy" mode, press the "Speed" switch to change the "Manual" mode. Press "Auto" switch again to return "Fuzzy" mode, press "Speed" switch to alter motor speeds (low ->medium ->high in an overriding sequence.)

"Clean" switch: Clean indicator.

The indicator will light when the appliance self-detects the lagging reaction of the sensor. Clean the sensor, press and hold the "Auto" switch for 3 seconds until the light goes off to reset.